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Florida man drinking waterIn Florida the climate conditions are typically sunny and warm even in the winter time. In the greater Orlando Area our winter highs remain in the 70s and our summer highs average only 92 degrees.

That’s why we are one of the prime summer and winter vacation spots for people all around the world. It’s safe to say that locals and visitors alike love the warm conditions.

But, even most Floridians have times when they feel the need to soak up their Air conditioning, especially when you factor in the high average humidity. That’s why a well maintained air conditioning system is a must.

We all want to be comfortable in our homes and having conditioned air; a system that will pull the humidity out of the air is one of the greatest benefits to help us actually get totally dry after a shower
or be able to relax in the cool conditioned air.

For business owners it’s a must. You can’t run a business for very long if your customers are not comfortable when they come to visit. And, how long will your employees last through hot and humid work conditions before they quit or declare a mutiny?

Machine PartOur ac units have a lot of parts that work together to provide the comfort that we expect. With every moving part the chances for a failure or decrease in efficiency goes up.  Problems range from things like leaking ducts and dirty AC coils to broken fans and systems that are just wearing out because of their age.

When something goes wrong we will notice it because our AC may not run the way it used to or it may just not work at all.  And, we want our AC the most when we’re in the hottest, most humid months of the year.   This is when your system will be taxed the most. Typically, this is when we discover the need for an air conditioner repair or when our Air Conditioning just quits.

And, you don’t have time to try to fix it yourself or have your neighbor who knows just enough to be dangerous come over and take a look. You need an experienced, licensed, and competent air conditioning technician to come and repair your system now.

Better yet, call some friends that are experienced, licensed, and competent to take care of it.                        Call Loyal Air  (321) 233-2262


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