Which Heating and AC Brands are Better?

When its time to chose a Heating and Air conditioning system for your new home or to replace an old system choosing the between all the brands can be a little scary.  A lot of HVAC contractors out there are not the really chatty types and won’t fill you in either.  So, let me shed a little light to help you choose wisely. 

Heat Pump Outside ComponentsIn reality There are only about 5 manufacturers out there that create the available heating and air conditioning brands.  Many brands come off the same manufacturing lines — just different paint, labels, and marketing.  The following brands that are grouped together are manufactured together as well:

• Lennox, Armstrong and Concord
• Trane and American Standard
• Carrier, Payne, Bryant and Tempstar
• York, Lux and Coleman
• Goodman and Amana

So, what are the differences?

Typically, there are small differences from brand to brand on the very top-end products, such as who has the bigger touch-screen thermostat, or is it 98.4 percent or 98.3 percent efficient. But, these are insignificant at the end of the day.  Your contractor my favor one brand over another because of their familiarity with those systems or the customer service that is provided with that brand.

What Makes the Biggest Difference?

If you want an inefficient system and a lot of heating and air conditioning repairs in the future just hire the contractor that cuts corners and doesn’t even take the time to calculate how many BTUs your home system should be.  Don’t assume that your new heater or air conditioner should be the same size as the old one.  That is not always the case.    

The contractor you choose to install the heating or air conditioning system of your choice is paramount.  If you can find a contractor that will perform the necessary load calculations in order to determine the perfect sized system for your home, someone who maintains industry standards, and is comfortable with the brand you want installed you will have a system that is right for your home regardless of the brand.

I would say just about any brand will do.  But remember, you get what you pay for!  Spend a little extra on a better unit and you’ll be spoiled by the spendy looking extra large thermostat display.  Spend a little extra time checking reviews, asking questions, and investigating before deciding on a heating and air conditioning company and you’ll have an ultra efficient system that saves you loads of money over time and provides great comfort for years.

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