Heater Repair and Replacement


Every home owner will face the decision about whether they should repair or replace their heating system. These are some of the factors that you should consider when making this important decision.

How old is your system?


Energy Audit HierarchyYou may have heard that if your unit is over 10 or 15 years old it’s time to replace it. This is not 100% accurate. Yes, if you have an old heater it’s time to start looking at the performance and efficiency. But this is true for newer systems too. We should always be looking at how efficiently things are running.
The truth is that the age of your heater may be an indication of why it’s not efficient because newer technologies found in the HVAC systems of today are much more efficient than their predecessors. But you may have a newer low end system in your home or a system that was installed incorrectly that will also be inefficient. The next question is much more important than age.

Has your system been maintained?


Every HVAC system needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Coils need cleaning, filters need cleaning or replacement; the list goes on and on. And, if you just ignore routine maintenance for your heater it is going to need repairs more often and it will live a short life. On the other hand you may have an old system that has been well maintained so it will last a very long time without needing repairs. The age, efficiency, and maintenance record should all be considered when you ask yourself if you need a new system. But these are not the most important questions.

How much are you spending?


You should to take a look at what you spend each month to run and maintain your system. So, if you never run or maintain your heater because you live in the south and you just don’t need it I wouldn’t recommend replacing it because that’s just not cost effective.
You may have an older system that is well maintained. But, if it’s old it may only be running at 65% efficiency and may require a rigorous scheduled maintenance program to keep it going. Replacing the whole thing with a high efficiency system that will require less maintenance may save you buckets of money each month. Your maintenance costs will be significantly lower and your energy bill should be much lower as well. This may be enough to offset the payments you make on a new system.

What is The Best Way to Make this Determination?


The best way is to get a professional in to perform a whole home assessment. They can run efficiency tests and explain how much you can save by changing out your HVAC system. This can also include a home energy audit which can lead to increased home energy efficiency and more savings.
If you are ready to begin a maintenance program, to have a professional come take a look at your home’s overall energy efficiency, or if you know it’s time for a heater repair or replacement you should call an HVAC contractor that is invested in you. Call your Loyal Air technicians today for all your HVAC needs. (321) 233-2262


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